How do you scale revenue cycle services operations without compromising on quality

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Faced with the daunting task of deploying over 1,000 people with healthcare industry knowledge and experience, Access Healthcare’s recruitment, training, and operations team had to think differently. The team had to react fast and develop multi-pronged approach including leadership participation in the hiring program, utilization of automation tools for hiring, selection and training, creating a lucrative referral program, and strong brand messages. We bring you lessons from our experience of building a 1,000 people operations in less than two months in a completely new city. 

Here are some best practices from our experience

  1. Draw up an effective sourcing strategy
  2. Hire and deploy the right set of leaders, and get them engaged in the sourcing strategy
  3. Get the word out through a multichannel approach - Web, social, and personal outreach
  4. Recognize that your people are the ambassadors of your brand and create a strong referral program
  5. Incentivize your recruitment team as well
  6. Build automated testing processes to assess the healthcare knowledge and aptitude of candidates
  7. Look for people who are focused and want to build their careers in the revenue cycle space
  8. Recognize that training for revenue cycle processes takes time and involved seasoned training professionals
  9. Develop modular training programs to enable people to handle the breadth of revenue cycle processes gradually
  10. Ensure progressive lowering of quality audit levels during the first few months to ensure that client commitments are met
  11. Shift focus from transactional SLAs to revenue cycle KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  12. Keep your executive team involved even as you strive to build the team