Access Healthcare: Delivering Excellence in Business Process and Technology Excellence to the Healthcare Industry Globally

It’s the tale of three people- Shaji Ravi, Anurag Jain, and Vardhman Jain- working relentlessly on a shared vision to transform the healthcare revenue cycle industry.  This journey has led to the creation of a healthcare BPO firm that is truly a start-up success story. A company commenced with an initial team of just 3 people, now holds a legacy of more than 7,800 employees and a run rate of over $90 million in revenue. Shaji gave wings to his entrepreneurial dream by starting Access Healthcare in 2011 when he witnessed that offshore revenue cycle management service providers were not revolutionizing the process with new technologies, and provided minimal value beyond employee cost reductions to their healthcare provider customers. The focus was same, but the approach was new. He recognized that there was a significant opportunity in applying a combination of end-to-end process ownership with technology to unlock additional value for healthcare provider customers.