Automating the revenue cycle: 10 things to consider before you invest in process automation

Automating the Revenue Cycle_10 things to consider before you invest in process automation_1.jpg

Over the last few years, process automation in the revenue cycle industry has become more prevalent, which has led organizations to make significant investments in automation. In this paper, we discuss several elements to be considered while embarking on an endeavor to automate business processes:

  1. Break down the processes to the most granular level to discover automation opportunities.
  2. Revenue cycle process nuances determine the choice of the automation platform
  3. Be judicious in choosing the automation platform and the underlying technology frameworks to develop a scalable and flexible architecture
  4. Insights from workflow and knowledge management systems are key to discovering automation opportunities
  5. Involving practitioners accelerates opportunity discovery and improves adoption.
  6. Creating a repetitive and scalable deployment model has a dependency on the architecture of the automation tools.
  7. Managing the automated environment – a robust governance framework is needed
  8. Automation is a marathon, not a sprint. Despite its responsiveness to internal and external changes, the automation benefits should be sustainable.
  9. Nothing succeeds like success. Write the story. Tell the story. Repeat.
  10. Trust a process automation service provider who knows your industry.