RPA in Revenue Cycle Management: 3 Lessons Learned by Access Healthcare – NelsonHall

Nelson Hall Sven Lohse RPA in RCM

NelsonHall’s Sven Lohse writes about Access Healthcare Services' process automation journey and the lessons learned in this blog posted on their website.

Packaged RPA software is like a big Lego set with no instructions, Efficiency with IT assets is the key and we found it more efficient to build our own technology platform. - Anurag Jain, Chairman, Access Healthcare

The healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) BPS market is becoming technically more advanced as vendors experiment with RPA to drive greater efficiency and productivity and to improve competitive positioning. In this article, Sven Lohse, looks at Access Healthcare, and the lessons they have learned from their own RPA initiatives.

  • Lesson 1: Assess whether to build or buy your own RPA platform

  • Lesson 2: Broaden your perspective when identifying efficiencies from RPA

  • Lesson 3: An effective, scalable technology platform can generate M&A and partnership opportunities

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