Assistant Delivery Manager - Clinical Documentation Services


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The Position

The assistant manager for clinical documentation services is responsible for the development and execution of standardized CDS practices and managing the daily operations of the clinical documentation services. The aim is to assist CDS team in their work to improve the understanding and interpretation of clinical documentation, accurately reflect the patient’s diagnosis, treatment and medication.

Job Location: Pune, India


  • Clinical Record Documentation

    • Assist clinical documentation team in reviewing the medical records and ensure that the diagnosis and other information are captured accurately in the CDI database

    • Interacts with physicians and providers to address the need for clarity in the medical record, any missing information, and other assistance required

    • Collaborates with providers and internal executives to ensure the severity of the patient’s illness are accurately captured and to resolve queries and documentation issues prior to claim submission

    • Help providers maintain an accurate record of clinical documentation, reporting, and outcome of the CDI efforts to the client and management

  • Management of Clinical Documentation Team

    • Educates team members on how to interpret the clinical documentation, training on documentation regulations, and guidelines

    • Leads CDI communication with healthcare providers/ physicians on the documentation, if needed

    • Manage availability of the team and responsible for meeting the SLAs

    • Monitor the overall functioning of processes, identifying improvement areas and implementing adequate measures to maximize customer/ client satisfaction level

    • Ensure uniformity in the process understanding at the client’s and the organization’s end

    • Identifying the gaps and solutions for the technical process requirements

    • Build and improve capabilities, system functionalities, and processes with best practices needed to deliver results that impact the bottom line of the organization

    • Revenue and cost management with respect to client and organization levels

  • Client Management

    • Implementation of client’s requirements and align our project goals with that of client’s overall objectives

    • Understand the client’s requirements, and the mapping of effort, time, and resource required to address the requirements

    • Improve the value proposition and revenue share to the client through continual process improvement

    • Re-design and implement business processes for improvement and address other strategic demands of the client. Also, analyze our capacity limitation, challenges, and other issues while proposing project improvements

  • Represent Access Healthcare

    • Participates in client meeting, solution walk-throughs, escalation meetings, audit, and Management reviews

    • Provide oversight, expertise, support in problem-solving during onsite workshops, training, and change management projects

    • Transition the processes in adherence to the client’s requirements and adopt a consultative approach in refining the process

  • Change Management

    • Create awareness among internal and customer teams for driving changes in the CDI program and procedures to ensure team’s buy-in

    • Work directly with CDI executives and customer SPOCs to drive change that is critical for the realization of project goals

    • Assess the implications of the new solution, and quantify the outcomes to respective stakeholders

    • Maintain continuity throughout the change, monitor impact, report results, take corrective actions, and refine approach, if needed


  • Ability to understand and interpret the medical content in the clinical records

  • Advanced knowledge in medical terminologies, anatomy and physiology, disease process, pharmacology, and complex surgical procedures

  • Demonstrated track record of maintaining quality standards above 98% accuracy rate and acceptable productivity standards

  • Organizes and manages team members, tasks and resources to accomplish goals and objectives

  • Sets high standards of performance; motivates the team to achieve them

  • Ability to use software tools including Microsoft office

  • Ensure compliance, support audit procedures, and adherence to policies and statutory requirements

  • Excellent communication skills, both in written and verbal form

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to analyze the situation, assess the requirements, and translating them into actionable initiatives.

  • Attention to detail, possess excellent leadership, project management, and people management skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build and maintain collaborative setting, build relationships with diverse people including internal/external organizations


  • Minimum 7 years of experience in a healthcare related management with strong revenue cycle experience, including patient access, clinical documentation improvement.  

  • Experience in leading change management, transition projects, and large-scale implementation projects

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Nursing, Zoology, Pharmacy, PG in Human anatomy & physiology or in healthcare related discipline.


  • Travel from time-to-time to other onsite and offshore delivery locations


  • An attractive package will be crafted for the right candidate

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