2,000 Charts Coded Per Day, Accuracy and Turn Around Time KPIs Guaranteed and Delivered


Outsourcing medical coding has become common practice among healthcare providers and medical billing companies. The ability to scale effectively, provide a highly educated workforce, and a dedicated team of coders has led to cost savings and more efficient processes. However, many companies still struggle with finding the right, trusted partner for this critical discipline of revenue cycle management.


A company that provides ER documentation and coding software to hospitals and clinics had been using multiple 3rd party vendors to provide coding services to their customers. Managing multiple vendors and adhering to deadlines became an obstacle in delivering the best possible service to the hospitals, physician groups, and clinics they serve. They needed a single partner that could scale to meet their customer’s needs, ensure accuracy and turn-around times were met, and provide transparency throughout the process making the relationship easier to manage.


Simplify the coding process while ensuring accuracy and  turn around times goals to enable business growth.


Access Healthcare now successfully processes nearly 80,000 charts per month with an accuracy rate of 97% or higher. Access Healthcare requires at least 95% accuracy from their coders, performs regular audits, and conducts weekly competency tests. Access Healthcare quickly became the company’s primary coding services vendor, handling the bulk of their customer’s coding needs. The Access Healthcare arc.in technology platform provides its customers complete transparency at every step in the process, decreasing the amount of time the customer spends on vendor management. Within the arc.in platform, they can track audit and competency scores, see who’s working on their account, and view workflow summaries. In addition, Access Healthcare coders are able to use the client platform to access charts and reports, providing seamless integration for the customer. The most significant result was the decrease in turn-around times. The KPI commitment is 72 hours, however Access Healthcare averages 48 hours. This means claims are able to be filed in a timely manner which, along with accurate coding, leads to less claim denials and the end customer being paid faster for the services they provide.

Conclusion: The company was able to increase accuracy and decrease turnaround times, all while using less of their own time and resources to manage the relationship. This enables their people to spend time on the relationships that truly matter and deliver better care for their customers.

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