Collaborative and Transparent Relationship Leads to More and Better Service Offerings


In today’s healthcare landscape, the need to do more with less has never been greater. Those companies providing services to the healthcare industry are being asked to streamline processes and increase efficiency at every step. Sometimes this results in a breakdown of quality and trust. Even a company that places a very high value on the quality of their services and maintaining a positive relationship with their customers may not be able to keep up with the rapidly growing demands of the industry and are forced to outsource part of their business. Unfortunately, sometimes those partners don’t have the same values.



A company that provides cloud-based services for healthcare revenue cycle management and point-of-care mobile apps was unhappy with their medical billing business process outsourcing partner. Lack of transparency and trust made it impossible to tell if SLAs were indeed being met. On top of this, the company was lagging behind in responding to opportunities presented by their customers’ changing and growing needs. As an all-in-one service provider, this resulted in loss of customers and a decrease in satisfaction across the board. They needed a partner they could trust and rely on to not only help them provide current services, but also collaborate on new technologies and opportunities to address the ever-changing healthcare landscape. 


Increase efficiency and quality of all processes while providing complete transparency. Be a collaborative partner to respond to new opportunities quickly.



Access Healthcare was engaged to help with a variety of services including: AR follow up, denial management, clinical document services, payment posting, and provider enrollment. Since Access Healthcare’s involvement, data entry errors reduced by 5.2% and overall quality increased by 63% according to the most recent audit. Resolving customer complaints had been eating into their bottom line, but the best practices and quality governance standards that Access Healthcare implemented helped to reduce the cost incurred in running customer service operations.

The customer is especially satisfied with the quality metrics Access Healthcare is able to provide. Access Healthcare’s robust high volume payment posting technology tools combine with workflow technology brings efficiency and automation to the processes. Access Healthcare works closely with the customer and provides reports detailing 25+ quality metrics. The customer has even conducted their own audit and determined Access Healthcare is operating at 97% accuracy against a goal of 95%.

Access Healthcare also worked with the customer to develop new services and processes to address the needs of the end customers, including: code matching services, micro-clustering claims, clinical documentation services, high cycle & high dollar denials and follow ups. In addition, Access Healthcare subject matter experts partnered with the customer to identify manual processes which could be automated. The automation has been successful in reducing turn-around times and errors.



  • Best practices result in more efficient and accurate processes
  • Process tools that reduce turnaround times and human error
  • A trusted partnership that enables achievement of the Customer’s current and future goals.
  • Transparency in reporting KPIs and quality metrics build trust
  • Collaborative partnership leads to more services for end customer
  • Elimination of redundant processes through automation to reduce the total cost of processing

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