DME Company Experiences Explosive Growth, No Growing Pains, Thanks to Access Healthcare's Sales Order Processing and Billing Services

Managing Growth for a DME Company


In the business world growth is good, but with growth comes unique challenges. Even though a growing company’s products or services may not change, the internal delivery processes are going to need a serious overhaul in order to stay efficient and sustainable as they scale up the operation. In order to cope with aggressive growth, processes need to be flexible… adaptable. Common tenets of a scalable business include use of appropriate technology, adherence to documented processes and procedures, established workflows, and effective measurement tools.   


A large durable medical equipment (DME) billing software company was looking to aggressively expand their RCM business. They knew their in-house team and manual processes would not be able to scale and would impact their profit margins. They began to search for an outsourcing partner to handle portions of their revenue cycle management. It was important that this partner be able to cope with the planned aggressive growth and not impact delivery for current customers.  


Implement structured solution to augment efficiency and help in business expansion, minimize impact to existing business and ramp up for new business in a short time frame


Access Healthcare was chosen to be the preferred vendor based on their competency and growth story.  Access Healthcare quickly hired DME Billing experts to work with the existing team to modify processes and workflows to meet the business needs of the customer. Access Healthcare’s unique workflow technology came in handy during this endeavor. With platform, Access Healthcare was able to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide real-time reporting to the customer.

Access Healthcare delivered the solution to the customer ahead of schedule and quickly helped in ramping up with business needs. Not only did Access Healthcare successfully ran the pilot, they also won several new clients to meet the custom’s growing needs

As a result, turnaround times actually decreased, despite a huge increase in workflow. The customer was able to maintain a 48-hour turnaround time in cash posting and sales orders, and a 12-hour turnaround time for their VIP clients. For AR & Denials, the customer has consistently maintained their AR days which has resulted in better cash flow for their clients. The customer has been so impressed by the processes and technology used to handle their business, they’ve actually adopted the workflow technology to use internally for their captive center. Access Healthcare solution helped in increasing efficiency and accuracy among their internal teams.

Although Access Healthcare did not have experience in the DME industry, their competency in business expansion and business continuity planning as well as their flexible solutioning approach made this a great partnership. Indeed, Access Healthcare has experienced aggressive growth itself over the past few years, so they were uniquely qualified to accept this challenge. 


  • Better turnaround times for cash posting and sales orders, despite aggressive growth

  • Maintained AR days resulting in better cash flow

  • Improved efficiency of internal teams making continued growth possible

  • Access and visibility to real time reports

  • Processes and best practices to cope with aggressive growth

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