Order to Cash Services

We focus on improving your process quality, reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and ensure effective follow up on receivables to improve net collections. With smooth transition processes, effective training, and a robust governance model, we ensure that you stay in control when you outsource your O2C processes to us.

Our Order to Cash (O2C) Services Portfolio

Get access to world-class outcomes as we implement workflow automation, reduce your cost structures and implement efficient controls.

Our order-to-cash services include:

Technology Solutions supporting Procure-to-Pay Processes include:

  1. Business process automation suite (arc.in) - workflow automation, knowledge management, and client extranet

  2. echo- robotic process automation suite including in-built OCR technologies.


Our comprehensive order-to-cash services capability includes:

  • Subject Matter experts in procure-to-pay processes

  • In-built OCR engine with high volume remittance processing platform

  • Cloud-based workflow platform that enables seamless 24/7 processing across global sites


  • Meaningful SLAs for accuracy (95% + clerical accuracy) and turnaround time

  • Avoidance of bad revenues with risk of default

  • Improved sales through better customer support

  • Improved collection rate through better customer profiling and segmentation

  • Improved cash metrics through improved cash collected, reduced DSO, bad debt exposure and losses

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