Technology that transforms your revenue cycle

arc.IN platform

ARC.IN Platform

Experience dramatic improvements in your revenue cycle outcomes as we collaborate with you by using a powerful workflow engine, knowledge management system, and productivity enhancement modules that enable results through engagement and business intelligence. You thereby achieve a clear view of the revenue cycle performance metrics to make informed decisions.


Operations are effectively managed through the dashboard which provides visual display of a set of process health indicators. It sits atop an engine that assimilates the right data metrics such as productivity, attendance, TAT, quality control %, accuracy delivered, etc. With the click of a button we can drill down multiple levels of data to gain insights on performance to enable better decision making. Our delivery leaders don't to spend time in reporting and analysis, instead they invest time in creating strategies to optimize your revenue cycle.

Revenue cycle Services workflow and CLIENT PORTAL

Our workflow management system allows us to manage the flow of work in our revenue cycle processing center, while improving collaboration with you by providing real-time reports on the status of the work sent to us through a web-based portal.  Get unmatched transparency through a decided team that works seamlessly with your team to resolve escalations and issues. The net result is more money getting collected faster.

knowledge management

The Knowledge Management module includes categorized content, powerful searches and content management functionality for easy update of the business rules.  Our clients see a lot of value in the tool and quite often, deploy it for their onsite operations as well.

people management

The people management module enables us to create a high performance culture through tools for collaboration, sharing, learning, and communicating.  The end result is a high performance workforce that's focused on your work translating into better productivity.

RCM business intelligence

We push volumes of revenue cycle data from your system into our intelligent revenue cycle dashboard to create a shared understanding of KPIs, determine focus areas and develop a road map for revenue cycle transformation.

other integrated technology

In maintaining high volume transaction processing environments, we have developed a slew of productivity enhancement tools such as Optical Character Recognition, Intelligence Character Recognition, Coding performance improvement tools, screen/web scraping software etc.

Robotic Process Automation Suite

Our award winning robotic process automation technology enables us to reduce the cost of operations while improve the quality and pace of services delivery. Our suite of tools includes:

  • Robotic process automation technology to eliminate repetitive tasks

  • EOB processing and payments automation platform

  • Claims status and resolution automation

  • Medical Coding automation

  • Workforce monitoring

  • Intelligent, rapidly configurable workflow application

While Technology is a critical gear within the access healthcare Best Practices Engine, People are imperative. See how People play a role in enabling optimal performance here.

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