Patient Registration / Patient Demographics

Getting complete and accurate information from patients at the point-of-service, and accurately capturing the information into your revenue cycle system is not only key to the success of your revenue cycle, but also enables multivariate population health analytics.

Inaccurate capture of patient demographic information could potentially cause claim denials, and consequently, delayed payments. Error-free patient demographic entry results in increased clean claim transmission and timely reimbursement for your services. Studies show that medical practices lose as much as 7% of their annual revenue due to errors in demographic data capture.

Utilize Access Healthcare’s Patient Registration Services to improve accuracy, and optimize your revenue cycle.

Patient Demographics Entry and Audit Services


We review and update the following information on the practice management system:

  • Patient’s legal name, gender, address, phone numbers (work/home/mobile).

  • Patient’s social security numbers for identification.

  • Health insurance information (name of the insurance company, name of the insured person and his/her place of work, mailing address for claims, and group and policy numbers).

  • Medicaid or Medicare card (if the patient receives federal or state assistance)

  • Name, address and telephone number for person who will be responsible for payments.

  • Special requirements (interpreter, stretcher access, etc.).

What to expect with Access Healthcare’s Patient Registration Services?

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have a partner who knows your revenue cycle as well as you do. Our team members bring expertise across all major revenue cycle systems along with efficient typing skills:

  • Improved productivity and accuracy

  • Increased clean claim submission

  • Reduced demographic related denials

  • Real-time collaboration and reporting through our client portals

  • Act as client liaison, provide status updates and detailed reporting on a weekly basis.


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Global collaboration is key

In today’s competitive environment, your healthcare organization should be considering implementing a global outsourcing strategy.   However, it is critical to carefully evaluate various options to achieve optimal results for your company with the least risk.    Access Healthcare’s best practice revenue cycle solutions and workflow and automation technology ( platform) will enable you to achieve your strategic and financial objectives.