Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management Services

One of the most critical elements of delivering high-quality healthcare is efficient Patient scheduling and appointment management process. Long hold times, inadequate capture of eligibility and prior authorization requirements, and cumbersome processes can negatively impact patient satisfaction and referrals from physicians.

Patient Scheduling

The key to efficient patient scheduling begins with understanding the patient requirements by asking the right questions and determining the right strategies for the delivery of care. A coordinated and streamlined appointment scheduling and management process not only helps in gaining patient trust but also significantly impacts the revenue cycle performance. While proactive engagement with patients through an online portal and automated reminders can reduce the patient no-shows, on the other hand, appointment management helps providers to better manage their schedule to minimize the long wait-time.  

Leverage Access Healthcare’s Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management services to streamline your revenue cycle performance.


  • Scheduling of patient’s appointment through the provider’s online portal thereby streamlining the pre-registration process

  • Collection of patient’s demographics for eligibility and prior authorization requirements

  • Fixing the schedule based on the provider’s availability

  • Directly communicating with physician and patients through the messaging system

  • Informing the patient about the appointment and seeking for confirmation

  • Sending automated reminders to the patient and provider


  • Reduces patient no-shows

  • Improves patient engagement

  • Organizes physician calendar for optimized appointment management

  • Provider real-time dashboard to physicians showing appointments

  • Automated reminders and follow-ups

  • Allows end-to-end tracking of patient payment history and outstanding payments


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Global collaboration is key

In today’s competitive environment, your healthcare organization should be considering implementing a global outsourcing strategy.   However, it is critical to carefully evaluate various options to achieve optimal results for your company with the least risk.    Access Healthcare’s best practice revenue cycle solutions and workflow and automation technology ( platform) will enable you to achieve your strategic and financial objectives.