Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management Services

One of the most critical elements of delivering high-quality healthcare is efficient Patient Scheduling and appointment management processes. Long hold times, inadequate capture of eligibility and prior authorization requirements, and cumbersome processes can negatively impact patient satisfaction and referrals from physicians.

Patient Scheduling

Access Healthcare’s scheduling and appointment management processes create a positive experience for patients and physicians. Highlights of our services include:

  • An empathetic, friendly and efficient scheduling services to your patients,

  • Efficient support for physician referrals

  • Robust technical infrastructure to support inbound and outbound phone calls

  • Effective capture of prior authorization and eligibility data to estimate patient coverage, liability, and effectively structure payment plans

  • Multi-lingual scheduling team members who have undergone one of the best training programs, have strong healthcare knowledge, and are proficient in servicing patient inquiries

What to expect with Access Healthcare’s Patient Registration Services?

  • Extend your scheduling hours to capture increased number of appointments

  • Timely reminders that reduce no-shows for appointments that have been scheduled

  • Improved referring physician satisfaction and improve referral volumes

  • Improve patient experience across points of care along with treatment coordination across multiple providers and labs

  • More efficient revenue cycle, such as cash flow improvement and lower labor costs

  • Multi-lingual support from domestic and international sites

  • Ability to interact with patients across multiple devices

  • Prepare patients with treatment specific instructions, validate medical necessity and improve eligibility verification and prior authorization


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Global collaboration is key

In today’s competitive environment, your healthcare organization should be considering implementing a global outsourcing strategy.   However, it is critical to carefully evaluate various options to achieve optimal results for your company with the least risk.    Access Healthcare’s best practice revenue cycle solutions and workflow and automation technology ( platform) will enable you to achieve your strategic and financial objectives.