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Access Healthcare’s Global Coding Platform

Coding is a small, but integral piece of the revenue cycle. And often the most daunting. From ICD-10 to changing payer trends there is a lot to take your focus away from your primary concern – the patient. Leverage Access Healthcare’s Coding and Auditing services so your revenue cycle can run like a well-oiled machine.

  • Ensure ICD-10 compliance

  • Reduce AR backlogs

  • Decrease in DNFB

  • Improve quality of care

Improve provider documentation

  • Reduce turnaround times

  • Enjoy more reliable data reporting


Rest easy knowing you have the right people on your team, following a time-tested process and using top-of-the-line technology. It is just like your own coding department without all the expense and hassle.


One of the biggest obstacles to in-house coding is – attracting and retaining experienced coders. With Access Healthcare as your partner, you do not have to worry about it. Each coder deployed to your account, has been thoroughly vetted, trained, and continues to be tested on a weekly basis. Audits are built into the process at every level to ensure accuracy at each step along the way.

Access Healthcare Medical Coding Training


Transform your revenue cycle management by leveraging Access Healthcare’s simple, yet proven process. Understand how coding fits into the larger RCM puzzle with regular updates and suggestions from subject matter experts on ways for continuous improvement.

Best Practices - Medical Coding Transition


Achieve unmatched transparency and oversight to gauge productivity and resolve issues with the platform. See exactly who is working on your account, what they are working on, and even track their auditing scores. The platform is designed to give you 100% transparency, and peace of mind.

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How Coding Helps Your Community

With experienced coders and expert auditors in your team can help you improve patient care by flagging possible misdiagnoses, or suggesting better documentation practices. Sending quality data to the CDC, and other government agencies can improve your chances of receiving grants and funding.


Spend less time worrying about getting paid, and more time on creating great patient experiences. Vantage Access Healthcare across some, or all your RCM disciplines to unlock value in your revenue cycle.

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