Access Healthcare’s Accounts Receivable Services


Rest easy knowing your Accounts Receivable (AR) goals are met, and exceeded by a team that understands your organization’s needs. Whether you are a medical billing company or a healthcare system, we get the end goal and work tirelessly to achieve it.


Satisfaction is the minimum, but delight is the goal. Improve your RCM process end-to-end, by identifying the reasons for the AR backlogs, not just treating the symptoms. Go above and beyond, and stop the problem before it starts.


Accounts Receivable

AR is an important piece of the revenue cycle. Leverage time-tested best practices, and a proven process to collect payments and reduce AR backlogs. Your result is more money getting collected faster.


Best Practices

Access Healthcare will analyze your current AR processes to determine areas of improvement through best practices. Benefit from challenging the status quo by continuously targeting and measuring areas for improvement.


A Holistic Approach

The revenue cycle can run like a well-oiled machine. The right holistic approach allows for identification and correction of errors in the revenue cycle that create a backlog of accounts receivables, essentially fixing the problem before it starts.



Achieve unmatched transparency and oversight to gauge productivity and resolve issues. Our proprietary workflow management system allows seamless collaboration between teams by providing real-time reports and status updates. 


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Bring excellence to your back-office Revenue Cycle Management

Spend less time worrying about getting paid and more time on creating great patient experiences. Leverage Access Healthcare across some or all your RCM disciplines to unlock value in your revenue cycle.

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