Access Healthcare’s Credit Balance Services


Billing is the least exciting part of medical care, for both the provider and the patient. Give them one thing less to worry about – knowing you are handling credit balances quickly and looking for ways to avoid them in the future.


Billing is a part of the patient experience. Make every aspect of the care you provide, down to processing refunds, as stress-free and positive as possible by building lasting relationships with patients and insurance companies.


The Right Approach.

Credit balances are no fun. The process of collecting payment is already a major undertaking, and now you must spend additional time and energy trying to give that money back. Leverage Access Healthcare’s Credit Balance Services to quickly and easily resolve these issues.


Customer Satisfaction

Professional and timely credit balance handling is essential to keeping a positive relationship with patients, insurance companies, and other payers. Leverage Access Healthcare’s relationships and proven best practices to keep your customers happy.


Constant Improvement

Treat the symptoms, and diagnose the cause. The right holistic approach allows for identification and correction of errors and gaps in process that lead to credit balance issues, essentially fixing the problem before it starts.


The Right Technology

Achieve unmatched transparency and oversight to gauge productivity and resolve issues. The workflow management system allows seamless collaboration between teams by providing real-time reports and status updates.


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Spend less time worrying about getting paid and more time on creating great patient experiences. Leverage Access Healthcare across some or all your RCM disciplines and unlock value from your revenue cycle.

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