Tidal Wave of Change in Healthcare Fuels Hyper Growth for Access Healthcare

Dallas, Texas, January 25, 2016 - Access Healthcare announced today the company doubled in size last year. Rising costs, increased demand for quality care, and regulatory change courtesy of the Affordable Care Act has created a tidal wave of change in the healthcare industry. With that change comes increasing demand for all things revenue cycle. Access Healthcare is well positioned to help meet that demand for both medical billing companies and healthcare systems.

Access Healthcare Hyper Growth

"The industry is transforming from providing care for fees to getting paid for quality outcomes. Of course good health is the ultimate goal for all of us. Yet the road to help enable that goal is complex, particularly in the financial matrix of healthcare", said Anurag Jain, Chairman of Access Healthcare. "The Affordable Care Act created an exponential surge in additional revenue cycle work tasks for care providers. And that new work didn't come with a manual or money to get it done. It came with deadlines and penalties. Our customers turn to us to achieve improbable results because of our unique formula for leveraging technology and expertise. We enable scale and efficiency while they continue to operate. All the while, best practices are assimilated into the revenue cycle operations enabling them to deliver better patient experiences and greater focus on other strategic priorities." 

Another outcome of Access Healthcare's hyper growth is a refined approach to connecting and engaging with their customers, prospective customers, and other stakeholders. The genesis of that work focused on viewing the Access Healthcare brand through the lens of the customer, then creating a message and engagement approach reflecting that perspective. A foundational output of this work is the new website hosted at www.accesshealthcare.com

"We are excited about the maturity of our company, a direct result of the trust our customers have built with us," said Craig Haskin, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Access Healthcare. "The results they experience are the cornerstone of our brand maturity. We look forward to sharing their stories to create more positive results for more customers."



Exceptional healthcare organizations compliment the highest standards of care with a commitment to excellence in revenue cycle management. Billing companies and healthcare provider systems use Access Healthcare to bring excellence to their back office Revenue Cycle Management enabling better focus on strategic priorities, like profitability and creating great patient experiences. By leveraging the Access Healthcare Best Practice Engine for Revenue Cycle Management, our focus on creating results enables not only improved profitability, but opportunity to cultivate growth through reduced costs, better productivity, and higher quality. For more information, check out accesshealthcare.com.


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