Access Healthcare’s Process Innovation Leads to Increased Efficiency, Accuracy, and Customer Revenue

Dallas, TX – July 12, 2016 - Access Healthcare, a leading provider of end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle services, announced today the introduction of a new queuing methodology which automates their accounts receivable process leading to greater efficiency, accuracy, and increased revenue for their customers. This announcement is the latest in a long line of innovations, including their technology with Robotics Process Automation.

The new queuing methodology is an internal workflow innovation which automatically prioritizes work based on the customer’s agreed upon business rules and distributes accounts to individual associates for research and follow up. This process innovation is being used to increase efficiency across Access Healthcare’s Accounts Receivable services, including AR follow up, denial management, and credit balance.

The queuing methodology automates the pulling of accounts, reducing the time it takes to manually pull accounts and the error that’s inherent with any manual task. This means the associate is able to spend more time actually researching the patient account to find out the status of the bill or claim and take the necessary steps forward.

The automation is determined by a series of filters based on the customer’s business rules and priorities. Through the platform, customers can adjust those business rules and see, with complete transparency, the productivity on their account.

Access Healthcare’s latest innovations have been centered upon a seamless integration between employees and technology. The company strives to automate any mundane, rule-based tasks, allowing their associates to spend energy on higher-order tasks.

“Each account represents a patient whose experience is completely unique, so we have to treat it as such,” explains Devikala R, Head of Call Center Operations at Access Healthcare. “This queuing methodology allows our associates to spend their time understanding that experience, analyzing the situation, and deciding on next steps. Not combing through accounts or coordinating with team leaders to determine what they should work on next.”


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