Our Story - The Making of a Revenue Cycle Services Leader

Our Story

In 2011 our Founder and Chairman Anurag Jain embarked on the realization of a vision that first came to light in 1995. Anurag had been instrumental as an executive leader in the offshore services market primarily working as part of Perot Systems, a pioneer in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services space.

Over time, he came to believe there was a better way to achieve results while effectively managing the ever-growing complexities of RCM. The vision was to increase quality in less time for a substantially lower cost by creating a best practices system. For Anurag, that meant...

  1. Understand the customer business priorities

  2. Create a better process methodology with an emphasis on applied automation

  3. Apply technology with an emphasis on applied automation

  4. Recruit a better fit of people, emphasizing career development over job

  5. Manage work by focusing on achieving quality outcomes

The genesis of that vision became Access Healthcare and it is now being realized in the marketplace as evidenced in the experiences of our customers

THE Access Healthcare DIFFERENCE

While traditional offshore service providers use labor arbitrage as the cornerstone for achieving “transactional" efficiency in an attempt to optimize revenue cycle, Access Healthcare raises the bar. 

AH enables billing companies and healthcare systems to grow and focus on enabling great customer and patient experiences by applying best practice services to effectively solution problems and meet your goals. We begin with best practice process, apply the right technology, then engage the right people expertise to drive a sustainable excellence in high quality results. Our customer results, your results, are the Access Healthcare difference.

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