Revenue Cycle Success Snapshots

Accounts Receivable backlog cleared to pave way for growth

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A Revenue Cycle Management company working with large health systems across the country recently faced a unique challenge. Multiple health system customers were simultaneously immersed in extensive ERP technology implementations. Within each customer, the combination of the resource drain and business impact from making the new technology work properly created a backlog of revenue cycle projects. Complicating each customer’s situation was the inherent time constraints for completing those projects while maintain collections performance. With multiple customers experiencing all this at the same time, our customer quickly experienced a dangerous event horizon of backlog in their portfolio.

Enter Access Healthcare. Leveraging best practice back office operations and proprietary .arc technology enabled our customer to achieve speed to impact for their customers within the pressing deadlines. Not only did our customer deliver loyalty-inducing results for their health system customers, they expanded their own profitability. Another victory pulled from the challenges of a crises.

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