Pioneer Continues Healthy Disruption, Achieves Scale 


A pioneering, national technology company is transforming healthcare by helping physicians get back to caring for patients by simplifying the growing complexity of practice management. By leveraging disruptive technology that seamlessly integrates patient engagement, efficiency in Revenue Cycle Management, and the transformation of data to insights, they are helping recreate practice environments where physicians can truly focus on patient care.

And it’s working. Rapid adoption has occurred requiring our customer to scale. And while disruptive technology is the catalyst for such meaningful transformation, it cannot be realized without scalable, skilled people support in Revenue Cycle Management. As a result of this rapid adoption, this pioneering company quickly outgrew their internal capacity to deliver excellence in support services.

Enter Access Healthcare. The critical factor in being chosen to work together to quickly solve their looming capacity problem was how we achieve results: a commitment to leveraging best practice back office operations and technology that enables it. This approach delivers scale without sacrificing quality in customer service. Within a few weeks, Access Healthcare efficiently and seamlessly integrated into their support organization with the right, skilled Revenue Cycle support. Our customer was able to meet current demand while also creating capacity for growth. 

are you growing beyond capacity or seeking efficiencies without sacrificing quality?

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