Squeeze on Margins Avoided, Competitive Advantage Created

Improving Revenue Cycle Margins

A Revenue Cycle Management software and services company focused in the post acute care space, recently faced new, intense market pressure in an already low margin, commoditized cornerstone of their business. This market pressure was the result of a recent CMS competitive bid process, the results of which essentially eliminated what thin margins remained.

While the company had managed to survive on the ever-shrinking margins, there simply was no future without achieving a substantial reduction in their cost of operations.

Enter Access Healthcare. In a matter of weeks, the Access Healthcare team applied best practice capabilities leveraging the proprietary arc.in technology to our new customer’s operation. The result? Not only did the customer return to profitability, they quickly achieved a competitive advantage and a path to acquire new customers.

Sometimes, the greatest results come from the most difficult crises. 

Facing market pressures or other complexity creating new pain points in your business?

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