Access Healthcare Uses All-In-One Technology to Ensure Employee Safety and Revenue Cycle Best Practices

The revenue cycle management company partnered with MoveInSync Technologies, integrating employee transportation data with existing platform

MoveInSync App

Dallas, TX – March 31, 2016: Access Healthcare, a leading provider of end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle services, has partnered with MoveInSync Technologies in order to provide safe and reliable transport to and from work for their employees. Access Healthcare operates several centers across India and employs over 1,400 women, many of whom work nights to coincide with US business hours.

This move goes beyond basic chivalry and further demonstrates Access healthcare’s strong commitment to using technology to serve its customers and employees more efficiently. MoveInSync actually integrates with Access Healthcare’s proprietary platform, the system through which all revenue cycle work is managed, tracked and reported on for their customers and employees.

Here’s how it works:

Any employee can sign up for MoveInSync and download the app to their phone. Using the app, the employee can call a cab which has been pre-screened and assigned to that area. Once the employee has boarded the cab, the transportation team at Access Healthcare will monitor their movement in real-time through the platform. The team is alerted if there’s a change in route or any other unusual behavior. Employees can also use the “Emergency Button” in the MoveInSync app if they run into any problems at any time.

Access Healthcare Employees with MoveInSync cab and driver

Access Healthcare Employees with MoveInSync cab and driver

“ is our all in one technology platform,” explained Prabhakar Munuswamy, Head of IT at Access Healthcare. “It operationalizes the RCM process from start to finish. It allows our customers to see exactly what’s happening on their accounts on a day-to-day basis. It includes training materials and resources for our employees. And now… it’s helping ensure their safety in getting to and from work.”

Employee safety is a prime concern for the Indian workforce and their families. Using this service has enabled Access Healthcare to be seen as a safe work environment, caring for their employee’s safety. This, along with best-in-class HR practices and training methodology, has grown the company from 3 employees in 2011 to over 5,000 employees today.

“It’s a foreign concept, literally, for the majority of working women in the US,” adds Stacy Swartz, Head of Coding at Access Healthcare. “While we can all agree that a safe work environment and the ability to get to and from that work is very important, it’s not as top of mind as it is in many other cultures. Indian families won’t allow their daughters, sisters, or wives to go to work if their safety isn’t guaranteed. Ensuring that safety allows us to hire and retain the best people for the job, regardless of gender or circumstance.”

Access Healthcare recently launched their 9th global delivery center and plans to reach 7,000 total employees over the next year.

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