Access Healthcare Brings Efficiency and Automation to the Revenue Cycle with Platform

Powerful technology combines applications and modules to completely digitize and bring transparency to the process

Access Healthcare technology

Dallas, TX – March 16, 2016: Access Healthcare, a leading provider of end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle services, has enabled new performance gains in revenue cycle management (RCM) by increasing efficiency through best practice process and the introduction of automation in it’s platform. Access Healthcare’s mission is to bring excellence back to revenue cycle management by leveraging best practices in three areas: People, Process, and Technology.

The platform is an integrated set of applications that have operationalized Access Healthcare’s best practices across all RCM processes. Three main areas include Workflow and Reporting, Operations Dashboard, and Knowledge Management. The technology simplifies and streamlines the process, completely digitizing the cycle from end to end, and provides complete transparency between Access Healthcare and its customers.

“The platform allows seamless integration between my team and Access Healthcare,” said Mike Barnell, CEO at Precision Practice Management. “My staff can access real-time work-flow reports, view productivity levels, and customize overarching business rules to meet my organization’s needs. As a result, my staff spends less time worrying about getting claims paid and more time on customer service and strategic priorities.”

The company will be taking the technology a step further through the introduction of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) which will work on top of the platform. Access Healthcare’s team of developers are digging into every aspect of the process to determine which steps can be automated successfully, while still adhering to the highest standards in best practices.

“Technology and people go hand in hand. To run a healthy revenue cycle for our customers, we can’t ignore the human element,” explained Prabhakar Munuswamy, Head of IT at Access Healthcare. “Rather, we employ technology to assist in the process. helps us communicate, visualize data, and adhere to best practices. Automating the rule-based, repetitive processes frees up valuable time for our associates and leaders to focus on higher-order tasks. It allows them to be creative, learn, grow, and not worry about mundane tasks that traditionally take a large amount of time, but very little brain power.”

The introduction of RPA will impact both efficiency and quality for Access Healthcare’s health system and billing company customers. Turn around times which are currently highly people dependent will decrease. The reduction of human error will lead to a higher quality of work and superior oversight of the process. The added bonus of a happier, more engaged workforce, not bogged down with “box checking” is more of a welcome side-effect than a recognized end goal.


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