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Application Development

The right application can increase efficiency and improve patient experience... if it's designed and developed with the whole picture in mind. That's where Access Healthcare comes in. Work with a team deep in healthcare expertise and process improvements to develop the right suite of applications that work with the myriad of other applications it takes to run your organization.

Key Features:

Flexibility (T&M/Projects)


Measurable Results

Custom Development Services

  • New applications or major enhancements to existing applications (improve interoperability and user experience)
  • Faster time to market with tools and accelerators
  • Quality processes and methodologies

How we can help

  • Custom Application Development services on different platforms
  • Complete SDLC services on bug-fixes, change requests, minor enhancements and projects.
  • Tools and accelerators for efficient software development
  • Industry standard Methodologies
  • Agile, Waterfall, Project Management best practices of software development

Overall Development Portfolio

Custom Development

  • Java, .NET, Python, Perl, Web technologies
  • Integration, SOA, Workflow technologies
  • Machine Learning (Veka)
  • Azure and Cloud-based development

Reporting and Analytics

  • SSIS/SSRS and other reporting services


  • Support multiple mobile development platforms

Testing Services

  • Provide end to end Testing Services through various phases of SDLC
    • Implementation and configuration testing
    • System integration testing
    • Sanity testing
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    • Performance and capacity testing
    • Security testing
    • Regression testing
  • Defect detention and removal
  • Defect prevention
  • Experience with various commercial and Open Source Testing tools

Learn more about Access Healthcare's Application Development services. Tell us a bit about your situation and a representative will connect with you soon.